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Kegworth Meet January

HO group: Working on staging yard & stripping old front boards

N group: Working on small layout,

On30: Chatting.

HOn3 Chatting


Rob Tinker lightened all our wallets!




Next Meeting -   February 15th 2020.

HO group: Working on staging yard

N group: Working & testing small layout, preparing for Bournemouth.

On30/HOn3: possible running session.


Group Sales Stand Active, more donations needed to increase variety.


Dates for your Diary


Exhibitions / Conventions


N-Trak Convention, Bournemouth

Trouville Hotel

March 6th - 8th


Mech Models Open Weekend April 18/19th

NMRABR 75th Anniversary Convention 2020

'Grand Junction'

October 23rd - 25th.

We will be running this at the Derby Conference Centre.

HO layouts needed.

Anyone who would like to present a clinic please contact Steve Quick.


2020 Kegworth Meets

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21st March
11th April
23rd May
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19th September
17th October
21st November
19th December


Snake Bend Viney Hill 2020 Meets
Mon 17 - Wed 19 February
Fri 24 - Sun 26 Apr
Fri 28 - Sun 30 Aug
Fri 27 - Sun 29 Nov
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