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Hello Ladies


My name is Carol Woodland, I'm sure some of you have met me before.  I am going to be the point of contact to arrange some Non-Rail activities at the NMRA BR Convention this coming October.


I have a few ideas and would like any suggestions you may have.  There are many attractions in the Derby area we could run car share trips to at small cost.


I would also like to hear your ideas for dress code for the Saturday evening, myself I think it is a  great chance for us ladies to dress up.


It's always lovely to see you all at this time of the year as we all live our own lives the rest of the year.  I do have to say that I have not been to the last few NMRABR conventions to support my husband Pete in his hobby, mainly because there was nothing for us ladies but We can change this!


Carol Woodward

07895 733172


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